Why I Don’t Suggest Psychedelic Integration Circles

With Psychedelic Integration Circles and Retreats popping up everywhere, you might think it’s something I recommend to clients.

Here are some reasons why I do not.

Here’s why I do not participate, nor encourage participation in Psychedelic Integration Circles (nor Psychedelic Retreats, for that matter).

When I bring mushrooms or other sacred plants into my life, it’s an act of prayer, divine guidance, and connection with a Source wisdom that my small human ego mind may not attain on my own.

This is holy and sacred and very personal.

If I share these experiences in an open manner, with people that I have not established trust and relationships, I am opening up a leak in my energy field and dissipating the power I am gifted directly within these experiences. Through trial and error, I have found this to be true – in particular within experiential circles where people are communing with strangers in expanded states. It’s the exceptional facilitator who can hold strong group space.

Now, whether or not most folks fully recognize this at first, each individual I support in a personal development process with sacred mushrooms is also tapping into this same essential wisdom.

This is one reason many prefer a private experience, with attention entirely on their process. Or on the flipside, when I host an online immersion like Embodied Journey Foundations, I am particular about having people show up for sessions to create a cohesive and coherent container. 

Adding a layer of judgment by other humans, who may feel just as disoriented or wounded, does little to add to this process in my opinion.

When there is literally divine intelligence surrounding us everywhere, there is little need to turn to a group of humans to make sense of anything. Precisely, perhaps none of it should make sense to anyone, not even ourselves at first.

The spirit realms do not abide by human linguistics and communication paradigms. Mystery communicates in symbols, metaphors, frequency, and non-verbal clues. It’s up to each of us to find our own keys and a blueprint for what to do with this information.

Aside from highly adept spiritual mentors, I have found few who can adequately conceive of these transmissions. To me, this is a benefit of bringing on a Guide or Mentor who can get to know you, and help you translate information between the realms. 

Adding a layer of judgment by other humans, who may feel just as disoriented or wounded, does little to add to this process in my opinion.

In fact, in seeking to be understood by others it can prevent a full acceptance of the Self, without external validation or belonging.

Source and I – we belong to one another.
There’s no human construct that can ever come close to the relationship I develop directly with the Creator.

This is the original way of knowing by the Shamans, Priestesses, and Gnostics of antiquity. These principles are still adhered to by original Medicine Keepers who have embodied such esoteric understanding. 

How does this level of spiritual gnosis ring true when we stop pretending we need social acceptance by a peer group, and have our conversations directly and without interference?  

Are you willing to listen and own your direct connection with Source?