Embodied Journey Foundations

The Art of Self-Guided Journeys

Course is now in session.

6-Week Online Group Immersion

Learn effective methods for self-guided mushroom journeys with live guidance, education, and a container of support.

Welcome, Sovereign Ones!

Stag is a symbol of gentle grounded intuitive presence

After 12 years in the Healing Arts, it hit me one day coming out of a self-guided mushroom journey. “I am still contributing to a broken hierarchical system.”

Over time, culture has eroded our embodied wisdom to care for ourselves and our loved ones – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Restoring this connection in myself is really why I entered the Healing Arts.

I want to help mend the Sacred Hoop between our inherent human wisdom and the essential nature of spirit that unifies all of Earth’s beautiful beings

Personal sovereignty, a regenerative growth mindset, and creativity are some of my highest values. These are our birthright, and serve as a foundation for health.

 So I’m sharing the methods I have developed over my career directly with you. I believe empowering everyone is the way forward in our collective evolution. 

Together, we can reclaim the inner guide and create a new paradigm that serves.

Nicole Lilly Somatic Psychedelic Guide Mentor

Nicole Lilly, MA, LMT, RSMT

Visionary Educator and Mentor

Learn more about Nicole and her creative vision

Learn Proven Methods for Your Inner Journey

Ancient Practices
Earth Wisdom
Esoteric Embodiment - Somatic Healing
Consciousness Development

Life journey practices that anchor your wisdom in an evolving world.

These days, there is a lot of information available about psychedelic harm reduction, preparation, and integration. Check, got it!

Current conversations are largely oriented towards guided psychedelic facilitation. This has its place, yet it requires a significant investment to receive a masterful level of support.

Guiding your own life journey is priceless. In this immersion, you’ll receive foundational skills and long-term benefits to build upon.

Four pillars of the Medicine Mandala create an intelligent practice framework.

4-Fold Luminous Method

Experience these Benefits

  • Gain lifelong skills to support yourself in mushroom journeys.
  • Illuminate hidden parts and patterns, then transmute them into conscious allies.
  • Shift into luminous awareness and activate your Lightbody to release stress and dullness.
  • Reprogram yourself at a cellular and vibrational level as you cultivate embodied intelligence.
  • Clarify your values so you can stop wasting time and honor your needs.
  • Master your life through conscious choices, rather than being ruled by subcoscious patterns.
  • Show up with genuine authenticity as you bring alignment to your actions.
  • Bring more ease to your outer world as you improve the relationship with your inner world.
  • Become a trustable leader as you embody sovereignty, creativity, and integrity.
  • Live a life full of meaning, love, and joy as you walk in the truth of who you are.

Here’s What to Plan For

The Learning Container

6x Weekly Live Learning Lab Groups (1.5 – 2hrs each) via Zoom

6x Class Recordings + Extra Audio-Video content

6-Months access to a private online portal with learning materials and recordings

Private Signal group for Q&A for the duration of the program

2-weeks access to Othership breathwork practice app ($18 / month thereafter)

3rd Party Referral for a mushroom cultivation kit to grow at home (optional – 3rd party)

Dates and Time

Currently in session.

Upcoming dates TBA.

Meet as a Group for 6-Weeks

Learn Online &

Practice at Home

 Online groups will include experiential exercises, presentations, and discussion. 

Each week you will engage in take home practices that are essential to this immersion.


It starts at your CENTER.

Orient to what’s ahead.

Clarify your “WHY” and intentions.

Introduce core tools and practices to begin.

The blessing of sacred mushroom cultivation and caring for your living spirit friends.

Connect with fellow travelers for journey support. 

Luminous Sun


ATTUNE your inner and outer world.

Overview of the multi-dimensional human matrix and how to navigate each layer.

Body-centered and emotional processing methods.

Discerning inner/outer energy patterns and archetypes.

Meet trauma and difficulty with care and resilience.

Ranges of the experience and finding your sweet spot.

Luminous Sun


GATHER your bag of medicine tools.

Creating sacred space and a protective energy field.

Accessing the body as a portal to hidden memories, parts, and untapped truths.

Maps of consciousness and development to show the way.

Using breath and body to navigate your vessel.

Shapeshifting energetic currents and focus of attention.

Luminous Sun


Meet Your Self in the JOURNEY.

Anchor your intentions and finalize preparations.

Create an intentional setting for a full day of self-discovery, and apply your learning to a self-designed ceremony.

Attend to nature and creative expression as a mirror.

Document poignant themes, insights, and experiences.

Reach out to our group container for support as desired.

Luminous Sun


ILLUMINATE your personal guidance

Decipher the symbolic felt-sense of guidance received.

Reflect on what has meaning, heart, and resonance to distill your core values and personal mission.

Embody the new frequency and align your priorities.

Embody your Sacred Yes and Sacred No for decision-making and activation of your Luminous Guide.

Luminous Sun


Make the commitment to EVOLVE

Clear unfinished business from your field and rewrite outdated soul agreements to be values-aligned.

Amplify the essence of the vision you are holding and identify steps towards creation.

Discern ongoing resources and support needs to create an integration plan.

Ritualize the next phase you are stepping into and consciously close the group container.

Ready to Get Started?

Is this Online Immersion for You?

Psychedelic Mushrooms and Plant Spirit Medicine

Yes, feel free to apply if you:

  • Already know basic psychedelic harm reduction.
  • Are free of contraindications, such as antidepressants.
  • Have participated in coaching or therapy, and are familiar with how to manage personal challenges.
  • Feel drawn to experiential and non-clinical methods such as body-centered, nature, and shamanic practices for personal growth.
  • Want to develop an effective solo journey practice at home and/or to share with your loved ones.
  • Ready to apply new tools to gain the most from journeys, beyond the basics.
  • Feel comfortable learning and sharing in an online group format.
  • Have interest in an easy method to grow sacred mushrooms at home.
  • Can commit to attendance at most groups, and are willing to dedicate time to experiential practice between sessions.

No, this isn’t a great fit if you:

  • Lack basic knowledge of psychedelics.
  • Are looking to treat a mental health diagnosis.
  • Take anti-depressants or other psychotropic prescription medications. 
  • Prefer medical or clinical methods.
  • Do not have a foundation of coaching or therapy.
  • Are looking for group therapy or a place to work out your personal issues with others. 
  • Lack comfort learning and sharing in an online group.
  • Are fearful to experiment on your own at home, or with your chosen peers or loved ones.
  • Hope to use these methods in order to be paid for tripsitting or psychedelic facilitation. 
  • Do not understand the legalities for your locale and/or have risk aversion.
  • Are unable to attend most of the online groups live, and unable to dedicate time to engage the practices offered in the immersion.

Things to Know

How do I sign up? Is everyone approved?

You will be required to complete an application and a brief 20-30 minutes interview with Nicole. You may submit your application and schedule your interview here.

If you are approved for the immersion, you will receive information to complete your payment and registration.

Your application may not be approved if you do not meet the criteria for participation.

Will I receive individual 1:1 support?

This is an online group container where you will receive support alongside other participants. This online immersion is designed to provide you with education and support in a communal setting.

You will have a brief interview call with Nicole after your application is received, lasting approximately 20-30 minutes.

If you would like to receive personalized support you are encouraged to add-on private sessions with Nicole. Participants may schedule ad-hoc sessions or invest in a session series package.

Is this legal?

Yes. This online immersion is providing you with education, which is entirey legal.

If you are concerned about the legal status of sacred mushrooms where you live, it is your responsibility to research this and know how to protect yourself from harmful outcomes. You assume all liability for actions pursued outside of receiving the education provided in this course.

Will you supply mushrooms?

No. You are responsible for your own mushroom cultivation.

You will be provided information to order cultivation supplies from a trustworthy source. These supplies offer a very simple, fail-proof method that is available for you to cultivate mushrooms at home. Home cultivation is a valuable process to accompany the education offered in this course. 

These supplies are not included in the financial investment for the online immersion and will be your sole responsibility to procure through an independent party. The additional cost for the mushroom cultivation supplies shipped directly to you is $80 – as a bonus, for each kit purchased a kit is also sent to a veteran in need.

Can I participate without mushrooms?

Yes. The methods that will be shared are beneficial practices without the use of any psychedelics or psychotropics. The methods may also apply to other plant-based psychedelics and sacred molecules.

However, there will be discussion and education about the use of sacred mushrooms in these practices, so you must be comfortable with this. If you aren’t, this is not the right course for you.

I have experience microdosing, is this a good fit

Yes. While microdosing will be a suggested practice in the beginning, you will still learn new and deeper ways to experience mushrooms and perhaps most importantly, yourself!

One thing that sets this immersion apart from microdosing courses is the unique Luminous Methodology you’ll learn for life practices. This also includes distinct approaches focused on low to mid-level mushroom experiences, so you can feel confident about most effectively guiding your own experiences.

What if I’m interested in high doses of mushrooms?

This immersion is intended to help you receive the most benefit from low and mid-doses of mushrooms for solo journeys, not high doses of mushrooms.

While some of the methods can be helpful for higher level journeys, this will not be explicitly supported in this course. Please practice harm reduction and have a sitter or guide available if you engage in high doses.

Can I share the course with a friend or loved one?

If you have a friend or loved one that you would like to journey with, please share this website with them.

When you register with one or more people, you’ll each be offered a special $35 discount.

Please refrain from sharing any and all confidential and copyrighted course materials with anyone who has not formally registered. This would violate the terms & conditions agreement for the immersion. 

Do you offer payment plans or scholarships?

If you require the 2-payment plan, please note this on your application. At this time, scholarships are not available.

This educational immersion represents a significant investment of resources from the practitioner over the years to attain the necessary level of expertise and practice to create the content.

The investment level for this immersion is significantly more affordable than 1:1 session support, and is set at a price point that is a fair representation for the value received.  

It is the mission of The Luminous Guide to participate in regenerative economic practices, which means working with project partners who are local or within our immediate U.S. ecosystem. This comes with higher financial investments than contributing to extractive offshore practices.

I want to be a tripsitter or facilitator, can I sign up?

This immersion is intended to provide methods and education for self-guided journeys at home, not as vocational training.

Everyone who is interested in becoming a professional in the psychedelic space needs substantial personal practice of their own. If you are interested in the immersion for this reason you are encouraged to apply.

That said, this is not a psychedelic facilitator training, and you will not be permitted to use nor teach this format for financial or professional gain per the terms & agreements of this course. 

All works are protected by copyright and terms of the course agreement.