For Personal Wellness, Growth, and Transformation

Self-Guided Mushroom Journeys

A Self-Paced Audio-Visual Course

Designed for Self-Healers and Growth-Oriented Individuals

This course is intended to take you beyond the basics of psychedelic harm reduction, and is designed for those who have foundational familiarity with principles of psychedelic safety.


You’ll gain insight into intermediate and advanced level topics to support your personal, spiritual, and professional growth, healing, and expansion potential. This is about more than mushrooms, it’s an invitation to further awakening. 


This is a self-paced and pre-recorded course that you can engage with at home. Optional group support is offered each month.


You’ll increase your understanding and transform your psyche with the support of sacred mushrooms, holistic theories and methods, ritual technologies, experiential inquiry, and practical wisdom. 


This essential course covers topics like: 


– Holistic Models (Body, Heart, Mind, Spirit)

– Parts & Archetypes

– Shamanic Journeying

– Trauma & Resourcing

  • Prepare, conduct, and integrate self-guided mushroom journeys with greater intention and skill.
  • Packed with 15 hours of audio content and written materials to guide you at your own pace.
  • Receive access to the course portal upon registration.
  • 1-Year Access to all materials.

I found this course to be empowering and inspiring. I feel more confident about exploring and creating my own personal ceremony. Nicole generously shared so many great resources and her own content. Nicole is brilliant , engaging and so supportive.”




Orient your compass to the journey ahead. Begin to gather essential tools and resources that will put you at the center of the experience. 



Gain a depth of insight into the inner workings of your mind, body, heart, and spirit to add sophistication and knowledge to your practice. 



Tune into your self through parts, archetypes, and somatic dialogue Learn basic trauma-informed strategies to meet overwhelm with choice.



Discover different approaches and topographies of shamanic journeys, then apply this experientially in your self-guided ceremony.



Approach your return full of care and intention. Engage in the Integration Cycle over the next several weeks with key practices.




Align to your “Sacred Yes and Sacred No” to make decisions from a more holistic sense. Bring focus to your vision and actions. 



Give your process some time and space to reveal itself, and allow your evolution to unfold.

I’m Nicole Lilly and I’ll be your Guide on this Journey.

After 13 years in the Healing Arts, it hit me one day in a self-guided mushroom journey that I had more to offer the world than guiding individuals and groups.

“Teach them how to fish.”

Over time, culture has eroded our embodied wisdom to care for ourselves and our loved ones – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Restoring this connection is really why I entered the Healing Arts. 

I have 4.5 years guiding and supporting psychedelic journeys, and have been experimenting personally since the mid-90s. I hold a MA in Somatic Psychology and have many qualifications to teach advanced concepts to help you in your journey. 

Let’s create an empowered and sovereign approach to our own healing, that truly serves.

Visit my professional healing arts website to learn more. 



Nicole Lilly, MA, LBMT


How do I sign up? Is everyone approved?

Anyone can sign up to take this course. 

Just make your purchase, and you’ll have access for one full year.

Will I receive individual 1:1 support?

There is the option to schedule a private session with Nicole for initial support, on a donation and sliding scale basis.  After an initial session, it will be decided if continued support would be desired and of benefit. 

Is this legal?

Yes. This online course is providing you with education only, which is entirey legal.

If you are concerned about the legal status of sacred mushrooms where you live, it is your responsibility to research this and know how to protect yourself from harmful outcomes. You assume all liability for actions pursued outside of receiving the education provided in this course.

Will you supply mushrooms?

No. You are only being provided educational content with this purchase. 


Can I participate without mushrooms?

Yes. The methods that will be shared are beneficial practices without the use of any psychedelics or psychotropics. The methods may also apply to other plant-based psychedelics and sacred molecules.

There will be discussion and education about the use of sacred mushrooms in these practices. If you are uncomfortable with this, it is not the right course for you.

I have experience microdosing, will this course be helpful?

Yes. You will still learn new and deeper ways to experience mushrooms and perhaps most importantly, yourself!

One thing that sets this course apart is the emphasis on holistic practices that are applicable to your life journey. The course was created by Nicole Lilly, MA who has over 13 years experience in the Healing Arts and 4.5 years as a sacred medicine guide.

What if I’m interested in high doses of mushrooms?

The content in this course is beneficial in the education it offers, regardless of dosage. 

However, high dose journeys will not be explicitly discussed in this course. Please practice harm reduction and have a sitter or guide available if you engage in high doses.

Can I share the course with a friend or loved one?

If you have a friend or loved one that you would like to journey with, please share this website with them, so they can purchase their own copy and support craft content creation.

Please refrain from sharing copyrighted course materials with anyone who has not registered.