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Inspired by a vision for a more beautiful world.

You are here because you have a vision. We do too.

A vision for a more beautiful world. One where you and your loved ones have a deep, meaningful connection and sense of belonging that improves the world around you.

You know there’s more to life than the never ending cycle of productivity — do more, be more, have more. It’s exhausting and it’s a threat to our precious life on earth.

The time is now, to tune out the external pressure and noise to find out what REALLY matters to you most.

The Sacred Mushroom path will help you compost what you no longer need so you can live according to your highest values, starting today. 


Ways to Engage Your Journey.

Online Support and Education

Whether you are just getting started on your journey with sacred mushrooms, or you are looking to deepen the relationship, online sessions and courses are an excellent entry point to familiarize yourself with our work.

Live Immersive Experiences

When you are ready to fully commit to a transformative process, our guided initiatory journeys are designed to alter your life, not just your consciousness. Whether you are looking for individual intensives or you’d like to bring a group of loved ones together for a private ceremony, you are in good hands with our attentive and experienced Guides.

Serving the Mid-Atlantic US and Central Canada

North Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania

Ontario, Quebec


The Evolutionary Journey: 5 Success Keys on the Mushroom Path


Nicole Lilly, MA, LMBT

Founder and Creatrix, The Luminous Guide. Lead Guide and Educator

Nicole is a creative visionary and multi-disciplinary Healing and Spiritual Arts practitioner for over 13 years. She has an extensive background and impeccable qualifications to guide your journey.

She began foraging wild psilocybin mushrooms at age 15, and has been an avid explorer on the path of self-discovery her whole life.

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