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Luminous Sun
Luminous Sun

The Luminous Guide offers apprenticeship in soul-centered, life enhancing practices that expand your consciousness to reveal truth and wholeness – your Inner Guiding Light.

Rooted in soma, inspired by spirit, accessible from anywhere.

Tree of Knowledge Online Mushroom Courses
Golden Rays of Sun shine on The Luminous Method
Nicole Lilly Somatic Psychedelic Guide Mentor

Be a Light amongst Shadows.

Join one of our upcoming online offerings to learn metholodologies and frameworks that have been cultivated by expert healing artists with a mastery level of experience.

Stag is a symbol of gentle grounded intuitive presence
Stag is a symbol of gentle grounded intuitive presence




Embodied Journey Foundations


A 6-Week Online Group Immersion

Learn skillful methods and practices for self-guided journeys with sacred mushrooms.

Psychedelic Mushrooms and Plant Spirit Medicine

Registration Begins Late July

Stag is a symbol of gentle grounded intuitive presence

Activate Sacred Sovereignty

The next wave of collective evolution will be activated by the archetype of the Embodied Sovereign Creator. Receive skillful support as you guide your self-development from the privacy of your own home.

The Luminous Method

Four pillars of the Medicine Mandala create an intelligent practice framework.

Ancient Practices
Earth Wisdom
Esoteric Embodiment - Somatic Healing
Consciousness Development

No More Outsourcing Your Genius

Intuition and self-trust are more necessary than ever. When we come together, we amplify our visions and accelerate the personal and collective towards a healed and thriving world.  

The Luminous Guide learning labs and immersions assist YOU to discover and implement practices that enable you to heal and grow yourself. 

By promoting a holistic framework, you are offered a number of practices and perspectives to develop body, heart, mind, spirit. 

The Luminous Method provides a comprehensive set of maps, tools, and practices that allow you flexibility to discover what best suits your personal explorations. 

  • Ancient Practices
  • Earth Wisdom
  • Esoteric Embodiment
  • Consciousness Development
Stag Antlers Mushrooms

These perennial philosophies and practices are applied to a modern paradigm, with a practical magick twist. 

The methods invite you to become deeply attuned to your unique way of being, to reveal your Soul Blueprint. 

  • Synch with your natural rhythms ~ follow your flow.
  • Learn the language of your body ~ develop self-trust.
  • Open to your subconscious ~ unlock hidden truths.
  • Discern intuitive messages ~ act from soul guidance.
  • Enact your visions ~ embody your mythos.

You are The Luminous Guide

Luminous Sun

As you embody your mythos and continue your journey, you will integrate your shadows and light into a cohesive sense of wholeness.

When this level of transformation is activated, you’ll begin to experience rapid change that prepares and tests your commitment to embody the unique gifts you’ve been given to nurture. This is when the real magic begins!

  • Live in alignment with body, heart, mind, spirit.
  • Unify and integrate internal polarities.
  • Wield the gifts of your shadow through transmutation.
  • Gain self-mastery as a conscious creator with life.
  • Stay true to your values and live your Soul Blueprint.

Embodied Journey Foundations