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Luminous Sun
Luminous Sun

Seekers, Self-Healers and Healing Arts Practitioners — are you looking to take your practice to the next level?

The Luminous Guide offers awakened mentorship in soul-centered, transformative practices.

Develop mastery level skills for your personal, professional, and spiritual growth that align with how you truly came to Serve.

Rooted in soma, inspired by spirit, accessible from anywhere.

Online Courses
The Luminous Methodology and Philosophy
Nicole Lilly Somatic Psychedelic Guide Mentor

Be a Light amongst Shadows.

Join one of our upcoming online offerings to learn metholodologies and frameworks that have been cultivated by expert healing artists with a mastery level of experience.

Stag is a symbol of gentle grounded intuitive presence
Stag is a symbol of gentle grounded intuitive presence




The Art of Self-Guided Journeys

An Intimate Online Immersion & Experiential Mushroom Practice Group FOR WOMEN

Pre-Announced Dates

March 12 – May 7

Learn methods and practices that have been developed and integrated over years in professional practice.

Get more from your mushroom journeys by engaging in a self-guided process at home, supported by weekly group mentorship and experiential online learning.

Stag is a symbol of gentle grounded intuitive presence

Activate Sacred Sovereignty

The next wave of collective evolution will be activated by the archetype of the Embodied Sovereign Creator. Receive skillful support as you guide your self-development from the privacy of your own home.

The Luminous Method

Four pillars of the Medicine Mandala create an intelligent practice framework.

Esoteric Embodiment - Somatic Healing
Earth Wisdom
Ancient Practices
Consciousness Development