5 Success Keys on the Mushroom Path


Friday, February 24th

12-1pm MT


If you have been following any type of media, you have likely seen reports regarding the benefits and potentials of psilocybin mushrooms.

However, many of these reports are skewed towards a small number of clinical research settings, with highly controlled protocols, or microdosing which is primarily sub-perceptual.

General harm reduction information speaks to things like set, setting, and dosage and sitters are often encouraged. Preparation and Integration are spoken of in mostly vague terms, and tne spiritual and energetic components are often relegated exclusively to the mystical experience.

How about the bigger picture? And the longer trajectory?

What’s often left out of these conversations are the deeper implications of gaining the most from your mushroom experiences. What are some of the qualitative factors that contribute to the best outcomes for a guided, or self-guided, therapeutic or spiritual experience with sacred mushrooms? What about a non-mental health framework?

These are some of the topics we will touch into during this event. 


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