Attune Your Awareness

Center, Attune, Gather…Especially When the World is on Warp Speed

Recently I observed myself become warped in my energetic and emotional state. I was giving too much attention to things that feel overwhelming and triggering in the outer world and it was beginning to rob my sense of wellbeing. I was leaking power and causing myself to suffer, as a result. 

“Wake up, people! Can’t you see what’s happening…DO something!”

That’s an activated nervous system response. It’s worthy to pay attention to these moments, slow them down, and attend to what’s really called for.

“Where am I feeling a lack of choice in my environment? What do I need to shift to come back to my center?”

An activated nervous system response isn’t where we operate at our best… we are lured into the fight, flight, freeze, or fawn and before you know it… BAM!  The emotional brain is off to the races and wounded programs and parts can take us over. 

“Which part of you is really leading right now?”

This is a question I know intimately. 

It was reflected to me by a mentor, whom I engaged when I felt myself breaking under the weight of despair, exasperated by things I care a lot about and my sense of powerlessness in changing the situation. 

While the intention is noble — my Heart is totally in the right place, as I see an opportunity to help stop a steamroll situation in the collective — my sensitive energetic system simply cannot afford the cost I end up paying. 

Center, Attune, Gather… I know when I’ve pushed myself past my edge and a time out is the medicine I truly need. I know that any meaningful and productive journey and creation starts with these key ingredients.




These are the focus topics of the first 3 weeks of the online immersion, Embodied Journey Foundations.

We have many Archetypes living inside of us. 

The personality isn’t a one-dimensional thing, it’s a multiplicity of archetypal energies that we  uniquely develop over time. An array of characters in this play called life, the form through which we come to know ourselves and the world around us.

Forgetting. Remembering. Centering. Acting. Reacting. Repeating. Transforming. Creating. Dying. Decaying. Returning. Done. 

Until I suppose we are complete with this human karma and cycle of time, not to return earth-bound having completed the mysterious mission that propels us to the planet again and again. 

I know the body language and posture of these various characters inside me. The hurting and young ones are distinct from the integrated and resourced mature woman that I also know myself to be, which is also not to be mistaken for Soul. 

Each of us has a similar construct, and I’d bet that a significant percentage of interactions we engage in interpersonally are really just different roles playing out life dramas that are seeking completion in our personal myths.

When we become familiar with these parts as they show up, we have more choice. With choice, we are less likely to become hijacked by the wound. These facets of the self never go away, but we can learn to shift our relationship with them so they become better allies. 

In essence, this is the lynchpin of personal and spiritual growth, which ironically and eventually also takes every single one of us squarely into death.

Decrees and affirmations

“I AM calling in a state of slow and steady presence to allow the Center of my Heart to attune to the Heart of the Universe.”

Woman finding her Center

In order to quiet the cacophony of parts and voices inside, it’s ideal to simplify outer surroundings and turn within. Even for those who are familiar with contemplative practice, the intensity of distractions in the world can pull us out of alignment. Course correction must be made in order to get back on track with the Soul path. 

Center, Attune, Gather

Paying attention to the Center within our being can reveal a great deal — including an awareness of the patterns of energy we are holding or leaking.  Taking time to look at the details in each layer of our being – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual – reveals where we are out of integrity with ourselves. This inevitably requires that we expend much more energy in our efforts because they don’t flow from a source aligned with our nature. 

In order to operate at an efficient level of clarity that generates true creative power, we need to be honest with what we are attuning to. If it’s not creating a resonant frequency, or perhaps is even triggering a reaction, we do the work to look deeper AND it’s also not necessary to keep working through such an activating situation. Sometimes we just have to clear things out of our field in order to serve ourselves in a way that’s better equipped to serve the higher good. 

The energies of the world are strong right now. It’s okay to pause and center, to remove troubling outer/inner disturbances, and gather resources we know will better support us.

By taking really good care of ourselves in this way, the protective parts of us not only feel safer, we also signal to the Universe that we are worthy caretakers of Self, and of Soul.

When we amplify choices that are centered in Self-valuation, it gives an implicit permission to those around us to do the same. We become more trustworthy because people sense our authenticity and care that doesn’t come at the expense of our own precious resources.

Consider this your formal invitation.




I have been working with this activation and visualization, and it has felt very powerful in it’s capacity to clear my energy field and connecting me with my I AM Presence. Try it out and see what you feel.