Membership Service Agreement and Release of Liability

Updated on October 28, 2022



This Membership Agreement is entered into between the purchasing party (“Member”) and content provider (“Provider”), The Luminous Guide, which is overseen by Nicole Lilly. This agreement will transfer in the event that the content provider organization changes in structure, name, or ownership. 

This agreement applies to all free or paid content, live courses, and memberships procured through The Luminous Guide and its delivery channels.

No content contributors, educators, administrators, or other staff and consultants are personally liable for the information on this website.



All content offered through The Luminous Guide is for social, educational, and informational purposes only.

Content may be delivered by The Luminous Guide through a hosted learning platform as live or pre-recorded audio-visuals, text-based documents, and through video or chat applications that are not hosted within the native learning platform.

No medical, psychological, nor legal advice is being provided.

The Luminous Guide platform and its contributors may provide discussion, information, education, and coaching pertaining to activities with variable legal status at a country, state, or local level.

Some of these discussions will include and expand upon topics such as: bio-spiritual plants and fungi, abortion, health and wellness choices, psychological and spiritual wellbeing, ethics and sexuality, licensing and professions, legal systems and alternative constructs. 

Members are exclusively responsible to know the legal ramifications for any and all choices made by you, in the jurisdiction you occupy. 


__ I HEREBY acknowledge that I am over 21 years of age, and declare sovereignty over my personal choices and liabilities for my actions. I acknowledge and choose of my own free will to participate in this membership in accordance with this Disclaimer. 



The information collected by The Luminous Guide will never be sold nor shared with a 3rd party without your permission. Partnerships are an aspect of The Luminous Guide model, and we will share your limited information as a courtesy to facilitate your relationship with our partners, only with your consent.

As part of your membership, you must remain in our membership database to grant access to privately protected content. Members will also receive standard and customary emails pertaining to the platform or general information.. 

For shared external messaging platforms, The Luminous Guide may oversee facilitated communication within a group that has been created for these purposes, and holds the right to enforce guidelines within that space. Members are entirely responsible for their own data outside of facilitated group spaces. 

__ I HEREBY acknowledge the parameters and limitations to privacy that are inherent within a digital communication platform and I agree to share my data as indicated



By entering into a Membership Agreement, the Member agrees to the following Terms & Conditions.

If these terms are disregarded, your Membership is subject to cancellation without refunds. 

  1. Maintain Confidentiality

All content and identities are to remain confidential and anonymous.

Only limited confidentiality can be guaranteed within a group setting..

Be discerning what you share outside of this vetted container of people.

 Limit shares to your personal experience, and refrain from disclosing about others.


2. Honor Intellectual Property

All content provided through The Luminous Guide is copyright protected.

Commercial use is prohibited. Members agree they will not repurpose methods or content they learn for professional gain. Express permission in written email is required for usage requests of copyright materials. 

Do not share your credentials nor content with others. This fractures confidentiality and safety.

The Luminous Guide provides a personal and communal offering, and is not a professional training or credential program. If you would like to facilitate this framework, please respectfully inquire about mentorship. 

3. Engage in Respectful Conduct 

Boundaries are a must within a group learning format. We acknowledge and honor them.

Consent is an essential feature of group dynamics and when interfacing with all group members and facilitators.

Direct and Open Communication are valued; please bring your concerns to the provider / facilitator to be addressed.

Act from integrity rather than impulse or ignorance. Pause, breathe, and assess the most aligned course of action. 


4. Assume Personal Responsibility

This is an intentional, private membership space. Be responsible for the energy you bring into the group. As within, so without. 

Honor free will with open curiosity. You are accountable for all of your choices, and you assume the requisite risk and liability.

Conduct your own research into topics that you do not understand. The Luminous Guide content and discussions will not be able to answer all of your questions




__ I HEREBY agree to the terms & conditions set forth to maintain good standing with my membership. I understand that The Luminous Guide is providing a community interaction platform as part of its service, which requires unique considerations. Self-paced information products may not bear the same level of agreements as those which are delivered live. 


__ I HEREBY understand that all of the content shared within this membership including video, audio and written content is confidential and not to be shared with people outside of this program. I agree to keep all participant’s identities strictly confidential. I understand that this program is non-refundable.


__ I HEREBY release The Luminous Guide and Nicole Lilly from all business and personal liability pertaining to my participation as a member. I assign myself full responsibility for all legal and personal decisions I make entirely on my own behalf, including those discussed within the membership community.


__ I HEREBY understand that there are no refunds or cancellations once registration is complete. Most content is available for an extended time through recording. Even if you do not attend live online sessions, you are receiving value.