The Luminous Method

Luminous Sun

An illuminating framework to develop your Inner Guidance.

These methods don’t belong to me. They are tried and true perennial wisdom teachings.

The Luminous Method is the framework I’ve developed to holistically hold these practices.

This methodology is intended to support you to develop your Inner Guide as you illuminate and activate your full potential.


The Fourfold Luminous Method

4-Fold Luminous Method

Ancient Practices

Tap into a well stream of ancient practices that hold thousands of years of cross-cultural development. The critical mass of energy cultivated through time, space, and people make these particularly potent access points

As living systems of practice, they contain high-level principles and distinct practices that you can apply in a meaningful way to everyday life. 

These assist in the embodiment of your soul’s personal mythology and the blueprint of your essential nature. 

  • Earth & Sky Medicine Mandala
  • Shamanic Journeys & Practices
  • Yoga & Pranayama
  • Astrology & Mythology
  • Ritual & Ceremony
  • The Art of Council
  • Ancestral Roots
Ancient Practices

Earth Wisdom

It’s not that you are connected to nature, you are nature. Discern the elemental energy patterns that permeate all life on earth, including you. 

When you experience life through an organic lens, essential truths are revealed. Resonance with the natural world opens up dimensions of possibility and awe, and changes you at a cellular level through nature codes.

Sacred mushrooms, as well as other plant and nature spirits, will assist in peeling back layers of ordinary perception and enable extra-ordinary sensing, perceiving, and attunement with Earth.

  • Planetary Seasons and Cyles
  • The Elements
  • Ancestral Earth Energies
  • Devas and Nature Spirits
  • Sacred Mushrooms as Living Teacher
  • Animism and Nature Communion
  • Animal Totems and Symbols
  • Eco Eroticism and Earth Magick
Earth Wisdom

Esoteric Embodiment

Our bodies hold a treasure trove of information. Become skillfully oriented and practiced in the physical and mystical domains of the body, in order to integrate what’s hidden in implicit subconscious terrain.  

In most esoteric philosophies, the keys to spiritual development are found in and through the body. Embodiment of spiritual light is a pinnacle of development in many traditional systems.

Learn practices to clear, transcend, and protect your holy vessel so it can be filled with vital life force energy

  • Somatic Psychology
  • Trauma, Emotion, and Soma
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Applied Energy & Physical Anatomy
  • Breathwork
  • Movement, Dance, Trance
  • Bodywork and Energywork
  • Tantric Principles and Practices
  • Body as a Spiritual Portal
  • Expressive Art and Enactments
  • Embodiment of Love
Esoteric Embodiment - Somatic Healing

Consciousness Development

In order to reach a stage of development, it’s essential to experience varied states and levels of consciousness. This provides an experiential blueprint for the territory. 

Accelerated consciousness catalysts will amplify and supercharge your capacity for transformation. 

Being rooted through the Earth and Embodiment via the other core pillars, consciousness can truly begin to flourish in an expansive state – from ego to soul, from self to the connection with everything. This is where the luminous body truly begins to shine. 

  • Depth & Transpersonal Psychology
  • Alchemy and Universal Spiritual Law
  • Visioning and Creative Process
  • Meditation & Visualization
  • Self-Inquiry
  • Parts & Archetypes
  • Shadow & Wound Work
  • Expanded States of Consciousness
  • Entheogenic Experiences
  • Alchemical Stages of Development
Consciousness Development