Luminous Spiral Magic & Mastery Sessions

Luminous Spiral

Seasonal Magic & Mastery Sessions

What is it?

Luminous Spiral is a mastery level interactive session, held quarterly, to help you wake up, lighten up, and level up your creative capacities for transformation throughout the year.

One part transmission, one part participatory ceremonial workshop, and one part group sharing and mentorship — each session will be themed according to seasonal energies that naturally harmonize with collective and cosmic processes.

We will use the wheel of the year as a reference point and map, given that the circle is a highly-charged symbolic tool of transformation that has been utilized cross-culturally since ancient times. 

Who should attend?

Are you interested in having a space where you will be inspired and guided in practices to help you take clear steps in your life?

Do you desire to bring focus and support to your visions as a Sovereign Creator, with those of like hearts and minds?

Are you interested to place attention on your efforts for personal spiritual transformation and higher-level intuitive development for improved decision-making?

Do you see the value of gathering with a selected group at power points during the year, to amplify the energies for manifestation?

Have you completed a course or private immersion with sacred mushrooms and plants, and looking for an intelligent and reliable space to assist you to move forward with effective changes?

This group is for those who want a high-vibe space to amplify magic and mastery throughout the year. 

What will be covered in sessions?

  • Discussion and practices that bring to life the archetypal and elemental influences of the current creative cycle, so they can be effectively applied to your life with impact.

  • Energetic and spiritual invocations, activations, and transmissions, to awaken and empower your transformation within the container of an amplified group field. 

  • Creative and Intuitive Arts designed with various intentions — to help you clear, transmute, vision, divine and manifest with heart and power. 

  • Sharing, reflection and accountability for your specific ideas, challenges, and desires that can be grown and held with an intimate group focus over time. 

  • Question & Answers to help develop your personal magic and mastery. 

How are the sessions structured?

Sessions will be held quarterly, near the solstice and equinox points.

We will meet by live video conference for ~2 hours.

While sessions will be recorded for later review within a private portal, it is ideal to attend the session at the designated time to derive the most benefit and honor the intention of the container.

By aligning our sessions with the turn of the wheel and the four major seasonal solstice/equinox points anchors, you will develop a deeper relationship with your own creative and evolutionary cycles over time. This will assist you in identifying repeating patterns that help or hinder your progress.


Release, Resolve, Intend

Sunday, December 18th

@ 4:00-6:00pm MT



At the end of the solar calendar year, attention is frequently captivated by modern social obligations that can outweigh the natural rhythms and cycles that are called for within the darkest winter months.

We will gather and focus energies inwards, reflect upon and integrate lessons from the year, and participate in ceremony to release and resolve unfinished business. This will free up energy for renewal and setting intentions to enter the new year.

What you’ll receive:

  • Immediate access to a private course portal page with bonus materials, until March 20, 2023.
  • 2-hour Live online group session on December 18th
  • Recording of Live session

What to bring for participation:

  • Journal
  • Colored Pencils / Markers
  • 2 Drinking Glasses with Water
  • Candle
  • Bay Leaves or Strips of Paper
  • Large Container to burn in
  • Percussive or other instrument